Maternal and newborn health project

Woldya, North Wollo zone, Amhara region, Ethiopia
The maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity remains a major challenge for health systems worldwide, and a major global public health priority Approximately 342,900 women die annually and over 50 million live with illnesses and disabilities due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Almost 90% of maternal deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. IPI COOP is leading a project to help improve pregnancy, delivery and birth conditions for pregnant women and their newborns at the North Wollo zone of the Amhara region. We need your help!! They need your help!!

Maternal mortality is an indicator of disparity and inequity between rich and poor and between men and women. This disparity is a sign of the position of women in society and their access to social, health and nutrition services and economic opportunities.

Currently Ethiopia has an estimated maternal mortality rate of 676/100.000 and a neonatal mortality rate of 35/1000. Direct obstetric complications are implicated in 85% of maternal deaths and 75% of neonatal deaths occur during the first week postpartum.

These deaths are avoidable with proper care during childbirth.

IPI Cooperation is leading an initiative in Ethiopia carrying out a comprehensive project that will tackle all aspects that have a negative impact on maternal and neonatal health at all levels of the health system: improving infrastructure, staff training health, education and community awareness and improve accessibility to centers of reference

  • The construction of a maternity within the grounds of the General Hospital Woldya (North Wollo).
  • Building a  pregnant women waiting home inside the hospital premises for easy access.
  • Support to rural health centers and staff training,
  • Community empowderement.
  • Strengthening data collection system to monitor morbidity and mortality in order to evaluate the impact of the project.

The project will be implemented  in collaboration with the regional health authorities (ARHB), UNICEF, JSI-Pathfinder (IFHP) and the Foundation Probitas. A memorandum of understanding has been signed by all partners.  

Design, development and coordination: Dr. Montse Renom pediatrician

With your help, however little it is, it can be achieved. We are a small NGO but our goals make us all great!

Beneficiaries of the maternal and neonatal project

Beneficiaris  Adults Newborn Total
female male female male  
Direct beneficiaries
Complicated deliveries (15%)         6.221
Newborn     3.110 3.110 6.221
Subtotal 6.221   3.110 3.110 12.443
Indirect beneficiaries
Estimated number of pregnant women 41.478       41.478
Total population 350.000 350.000 350.000 350.000 1.500.000


Left: maternity room of a general hospital. Rigth: construction plan. © Xavier Vilalta - XVA Arquitectes

Almost 90% of maternal deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. While women in Northern Europe have a 1 in 4,000 chance of dying from pregnancy-related causes in Africa this probability is 1 in 16.
The tragedy is that most of these deaths could be avoided.
An appropriate medical care during childbirth and during the following week after birth would prevent most maternal and neonatal deaths.