• To work with and for the most vulnerable populations, in order to contribute to break the poverty cycle.
  • To contribute to create a fairer world by giving real opportunities to children and young people in resource-limited countries.
  • To help break the poverty cycle by supporting health and education. We believe that a strong commitment to improve health and education is one of the major tools to break the cycle of poverty, injustice and inequality.
  • To promote children education and youth training. We believe education is a right and the most effective and sustainable tool towards true individual and society changes.
  • To promote better health. The health status of the population is a key factor for development. Poor health reduces work capacity and productivity of adults and decreases the chances of good physical development of children, schooling and learning.
  • To raise awareness of our society of the inequalities and social injustices


Our vision is of a world where all people can fully exercise their rights and enjoy a decent life, focusing on two basic rights: health and education.

As an organization, we have a commitment to the people and the core of our actions are guided by coherence and ethics.


Contribute to the development of the most vulnerable communities through strengthening comprehensive health systems and education


  • Enthusiasm and optimism: There are many challenges and we believe in doing so enthusiastically and tirelessly optimistic. Persevere in adversity and focus all efforts in the future, expecting results in the long run, knowing that lasting impact takes time.
  • Rigor: Pursuing our mission with rigor and discipline in order to maximize our impact. Adhering to the highest standards and seeking excellence. Take responsibility for our actions and learn from our mistakes, recognizing our responsibility to the communities where we work.
  • Respect: Be very aware that countries where projects are developed are not ours. Respect their culture, their diversity, their priorities, values ​​and people. Avoid attitudes of arrogance and condescension.
  • Effectiveness: In the design of our projects we adopt the principles defined in the “Paris Declaration 2005” to improve aid effectiveness: ownership, alignment, harmonization, managing for results and accountability. What is sought with the application of these principles is to ensure that the aid is targeted to meet the needs and priorities defined by the countries where we work. Engage and promote collaboration between governments and all actors of cooperation, joining forces, enhancing their impact and avoiding duplication and fragmentation of aid and the loss of existing scarce resources.
  • Sustainability: All projects follow the lines of outstanding cooperation ensuring sustainability.
  • Comprehensive approach to challenge poverty, working in a cohesive in the two areas that constitute our identity: development cooperation, and social mobilization and education in values. Understand that just connecting the local with the global, through this integrated vision, we can create effective changes to ensure basic rights of people.
  • Collaboration: Be aware that our resources and capabilities are just a small part of what it takes to achieve our goals, having the strong belief that our ability to achieve impact is greater when working with others, creating synergies and learning from each other. Treat others with respect and strive to do our job in the name of transparency, openness and humility. Take risks and learn from both successes and failures.
  • Commitment: Having a deep commitment to the communities we work with as well as all public and private entities and individuals who make our work possible.


Transparency and accountability are two key aspects to maintain the trust and credibility of NGOs in society, as evidenced by the media debate in recent times. Our legitimacy is based on accountability. Transparency and accountability are IPI Cooperation Foundation hallmarks. As highlighted in our view, an organization committed to be increasingly effective, efficient, well-managed, results-oriented, transparent, accountable and committed to society.

Our donors and partners ave placed their trust in us. Therefore, accountability is an ethical requirement. We have the responsibility to demonstrate that our accounts are clear, we work efficiently and effectively and that our actions are guided by our mission to achieve maximum impact for all people to fully exercise their fundamental rights and enjoy a decent life